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We help people start amazing new careers in the cloud. Our two-year cross-training program combines training, certifications, and work experience with one or more of our clients, including market-leading companies, tech giants, and Microsoft end-users.

And best of all—you get paid through it all.

The most in-demand role in Microsoft Cloud: The Architect

Microsoft Cloud Architects are highly technical people, able to build out tech capacity and create elegant, innovative solutions to solve a wide range of current business problems—all while keeping customers at the forefront of everything they do.

With a blend of tech knowledge, people skills, and business savvy, Microsoft Cloud Architects are in huge demand—meaning that they can earn a fantastic salary while leading on incredible tech projects.


Kick-start your career as a Microsoft Cloud Architect

Interested in becoming a Microsoft Cloud Architect?

On this two-year career program, you’ll gain the technical knowledge and consultancy skills to kick-start a lucrative new career as a Cloud Architect.

The program includes:

Specialist tracks available within this pathway:

Azure Data Architect

On this specialist track, you’ll learn how to manage core Microsoft Azure Data projects by helping to design, deploy, manage, and support the systems needed for an effective data processing pipeline.

Role and responsibilities

The responsibilities of Azure Data Architects can vary, depending on the needs of their organization. But they’ll usually include:

Certifications available through this pathway

Over two years, we’ll fund and support you to earn the following certifications:

Azure Data Architects are in high demand, meaning that,  if you have the right skills, certifications and work experience,  you can earn some of the best salaries in the ecosystem. In the US, Azure Data Architects can expect to earn $135,000 at junior level, rising to $190,000 for the most senior roles. Freelancers and contractors can expect to earn between $121-$155 per hour as an Azure Data Architect.  

As a Data Architect, you’ll be a senior member of any team using the Azure Data Platform. You could progress and become a Practice Leader, Integration Consultant, or Integration Architect. You could even aim for  executive level roles, such as a Director or VP. 


Azure Security Architect

Through this specialist track, you’ll learn how to develop and implement systems and procedures that effectively secure company information, intellectual property (IP), infrastructure, and users against unauthorized destruction, modification, or disclosure.

Role and responsibilities

Microsoft Azure Security Architects are the first line of defense for any organization sharing data through the cloud. Their responsibilities will vary depending on the particular needs of the business, but often include:

Certifications available through this pathway

Over two years, we’ll fund and support you to earn the following certifications:

Security Architects are compensated well for their knowledge, skills, and experience, with some of the best salary packages on offer in the entire Microsoft Cloud. In the US, Azure Security Architects can expect to earn $174,000 to $195,750, depending on experience. Freelancers and contractors can expect to earn between $101-$255 per hour as an Azure Security Architect.  

Just like Data Architects, Security Architects a senior-level role within Azure’s Security solution. At this level, you could progress into a more executive role, such as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), or look to become a Director, VP, or Practice Leader.  


Support and Development at Revolent

To ensure that you can become the very best at what you do, we’ll give you full access to our world-class Support and Development suite, and help you to gain further industry certifications throughout your time with us.  

What happens after the training?

Once you’ve completed the two-year training program with us, you’ll be an experienced and sought-after Microsoft Cloud Architect.

From here, the sky’s the limit.

You can:

Join the client

and take your place as a permanent employee

Stay with Revolent

and progress into a more senior role

Begin your own cloud journey

and choose your next adventure

Application criteria:

To apply for either of these specialist tracks, you’ll need to have a minimum of two years of experience in managing servers, storage arrays, networking services, or databases OR experience in a service-desk environment where you’ve supported infrastructure services or provided end-user support.

Beyond this, you’ll also need to have experience with some of the following:

Ready to start an amazing career as a Microsoft Cloud Architect?