Developing the next generation of cloud superstars

Most training focuses on one thing, getting certified. But what happens after that?  

At Revolent, we create exceptional cloud talent. From the very beginning, ongoing support and development have been the cornerstone of all our programs. We combine high-quality training and certification with world-class support to help you become a self-fulfilled, fully certified professional in your chosen field.   

While cross-training into any new role is hugely exciting and rewarding, it’s not always easy. But with our training and support, you’ll feel as confident and comfortable as you did in your previous role in no time—all while you train to become one of the world’s most in-demand cloud specialists. 

An authorized training provider with the cloud's biggest vendors AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce

We have an impressive first-time pass rate, because we invest in the future of our Revols – not just their training.

‘I’ve gained so much technical knowledge, but I’ve also developed other skills as well. I’ve become so much more comfortable in real-world situations. Which is just as valuable as the actual technical training!”
Tomasz Rutkowski
Revolent Salesforce Developer

A world-leading support and development network

As a Revol, you’ll have access to a range of learning and development options and our team of tech experts, who’ll help you every step of the way. Each program we offer comes with:

Bespoke training plans

When you join our organization, we’ll provide you with a bespoke training plan and your own personal career development coach. Your training plan will be updated frequently, based on your needs, and will continue far beyond initial training and well into your time on client site.  

Your training plan will influence which certifications you’ll work towards, what professional and consultancy skills we’ll help you develop and improve, and any industry-specific areas you’d like more support with.  

This means that, even when you’ve moved on from training and are on client site, you’ll have the support and technical backing to provide solutions for our clients, with confidence. 

Tech tasks 

While many training providers will equip you with the theoretical knowledge needed to succeed, what’s missing is practical experience that will give you the experience you need to feel confident making snap decisions on the job. That’s what our Tech Tasks are all about.  

Tech Tasks fill the gap between theory and application, allowing you to put your training into practice. They’re real-world scenarios, often designed with our clients, that offer you a first-hand experience of the challenges and responsibilities you’ll be presented with on client site.  

With various difficulty levels designed to encourage gradual progression, our Tech Tasks will ensure you can confidently solve problems, apply solutions, and communicate with clients, all while keeping your skills up to date.  

Revol Up

As a Revol, you will be a part of the Revolent community. Our Revols learn from and support each other to succeed, meaning you’ll always have a community of global professionals you can tap into for support and advice, all while building up a fantastic professional network. When you join, you’ll be offered a place on the Revol Up program to learn from a peer who specializes in your chosen skill set.  

Revol Up is a two-way program. At the start of your journey, you’ll be offered the chance to learn from a more experienced Revol to help you acclimatize and build your confidence. In return, when you’ve gained more experience, you’ll be given the chance to become a mentor and support someone to develop their cloud skill set. Revols often opt to become mentors to cement their own learning, while gaining valuable experience managing and developing others.  

If you become a mentor, you’ll be given support and training from our expert team, to ensure you both get the most out of the program.

Release updates, groups, and Revolent stream channels:

Keeping on top of all latest trends and changes in new cloud technologies can be a challenge, but it’s a crucial part of any great tech professional’s role. Our Release Updates, Groups, and Streams make it easy for our Revols to stay in the loop on vital new technologies. 

Our Learning and Development team hold regular ‘Release Meets’ where we demo various platform changes and clearly explain how they’ll impact your daily workload.  

As a Revol, you’ll also have access to an industry-leading library of online content through Revolent Insights and Revolent Spotlight sessions.  

Revolent Insights is packed with video content focused on consultancy skills, career skills, interview support, and more. Meanwhile, Revolent Spotlight is designed to help improve technical skills, and often features popular speakers from the ecosystem.  

Plus, new starters are also invited to our Team Chats, which will contain nearly every Revol (past and present) that has worked on the same certifications as you. So, you’ll have access to a pool of industry experts to help you with any problems or questions you may have when on client site.