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Do you have a passion for technology? Want to help create the next generation of AWS, Microsoft Cloud, MuleSoft or Salesforce talent? Become a certified instructor through our Train the Trainer program today!

Do you want to create the next generation of trained cloud professionals?

As a trainer, you’ll become an expert in either AWS, Microsoft Cloud, MuleSoft or Salesforce, helping to develop the cloud superstars of tomorrow. And there’s never been a more exciting time to work in this industry.

As the largest CRM platform, Salesforce is trusted by over 150,000 companies, making the Salesforce Developer skill set one of the most sought-after in tech. Alongside this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally. As one of the foremost cloud service providers, Microsoft has grown to dominate the cloud market, powering thousands of businesses across the globe. And, as the world’s leading integration platform, MuleSoft provides exceptional business agility, allowing our consultants to develop key skills such as building API implementation interfaces, transforming data with DataWeave, and debugging and troubleshooting Mule Applications.

So, whichever technology you specialize in as a trainer, the opportunities are vast.

Never worked as an instructor before? No problem!

We love to hear from people with an interest in education and learning, and provide them with our expert training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge they need to become a certified instructor in either AWS, Microsoft Cloud, MuleSoft or Salesforce. This will be followed by two years working as a Revolent trainer to help you grow your teaching skills and become an expert in your technology. However, you’re welcome to stay with Revolent beyond that in a permanent capacity.

What you’ll do as a Revolent trainer:

“ I constantly like to learn new things, and having the chance to teach others about Salesforce and becoming an expert in the field is something that has always appealed to me. So having the chance to become a trainer was a no brainer really. I really enjoy going through the whole process with Revols, from teaching the OmniStudio Developer course, to seeing them achieve their product certification and then asking them to complete a project at the end.”
Jack Hillburn, Technical Trainer

Your journey to becoming a Revolent certified instructor

At Revolent, our training is only as good as the people who deliver it.

Those in the Revolent Train the Trainer program tend to follow the process outlined below.

1. Mentor

You’ll be assigned a mentor in your chosen field who will support you as you train.

2. Shadow

Before you start to own and deliver courses, you’ll shadow one of our senior instructors to learn the ropes.  

3. Co-teach

You’ll deliver training in partnership with an experienced instructor and be provided with detailed feedback to help you become the very best at what you do.  

4. Cert-teach

‘Go live’ before teaching on your own. At this stage, you’ll work to pass your industry instructor certifications, teach, and be graded on performance. Then you’ll have the opportunity to achieve your technical instructor certification.

5. Two years of teaching experience

Once you have completed the program and are certified, you’ll begin a new journey as a Revolent Technical Trainer. This will provide you with two years of work experience, allowing you to refine your skills through quarterly observations, feedback sessions, and additional training.

6. Beyond your two years

As you come to the end of your second year, you’ll probably be thinking about what comes next. Your career with Revolent does not need to stop there. As a member of Revolent’s internal team, you may have the opportunity to take on a number of different career pathways within our organization.

  • Staying with Revolent as a Technical Trainer or become a Training Team Lead helping to guide and support our more junior trainers
  • Joining our team of Product Owners, allowing you to refine your skills in a particular pathway, develop training curriculum, and assist us in meeting our clients’ needs
  • Development coach supporting Revols on their first projects with clients
  • Joining one of Revolent’s other internal teams, taking on a role as a project manager or joining our IT team

Supporting you in your career as a Technical Trainer

When you join the Revolent Train the Trainer program, you’ll have access to a variety of resources and support designed to help ease your transition into the role. This includes:

Who should apply?

The Revolent Train the Trainer program is for experienced professionals looking to develop their careers as certified AWS, Microsoft Cloud, MuleSoft or Salesforce instructors. You might have one year of commercial experience or 20, but if you have a background in IT and a passion for teaching AWS, Microsoft Cloud, MuleSoft or Salesforce, this program is for you.

To be eligible for our program, you’ll need at least one year of experience in object-orientated programming in a commercial setting and involvement in at least one full software development life cycle.

Experience in the following is highly desirable:
Java, Javascript, C#, PHP, Python, C, C++, JSON.

Experience in the following languages is also acceptable:
Objective-C, Ruby, Scala, Android.
Successful trainers are great communicators, who work to make sure our Revols can excel both during training and on-site placement. They’re friendly and approachable to all Revols, ready to jump in and lending a helping hand. They know how to ask the right questions to challenge our Revols and help them develop excellent problem-solving abilities. They find creative ways to present the training curriculum to keep Revols engaged and motivated and will draw upon their previous experiences to mentor Revols, helping them to advance in their careers. Ultimately, the success of your Revols will be your success, too.

Sound like a great fit? Join our team of trainers today!

Application process

Apply online

Take the first step in an incredible new journey

Phone interview

One of our L&D team leads will give you a call to find out more about your experience and answer any questions you have about the program

Tech test

You’ll be sent a technical test to complete online under timed conditions. This checks your skill level so we can make sure the program is right for you. You may choose between a Java, JavaScript, or C# technical

Interview and mini training session

You’ll interview with our L&D team and be asked to deliver a mini training session designed to showcase your potential to become an instructor