Case studies

Case studies

Case studies

Solving your staffing needs is at the very heart of what we do.

Companies around the world have benefitted from hiring our Revols—it’s the premium solution to finding high quality cloud talent, at speed.

American Express

For American Express, finding and retaining outstanding Salesforce talent is an ongoing challenge, and its permanent team is heavily supplemented by contractors and consultants.

Amex is working with Revolent on a long-term project to build a permanent team of onshore developers. They’re currently taking on four to five Salesforce Admin and Platform Dev 1-certified Revols each quarter, but have the flexibility to reduce hiring depending on their requirements.

This flexible recruitment partnership means our people become fully integrated members of the team, buying into the company culture and functioning as permanent employees. They also receive continued training and mentoring from Revolent including further Salesforce certifications including Platform Dev 2.

Alongside our first-class training, we deliver modules tailored to Amex’s requirements based on feedback throughout the partnership, such as learning how to use their preferred project management software or working on specific integrations.

After two years, Amex will decide whether to retain each Revol as a permanent employee at no fee. During the two years, the cost of our Revols is comparable to the costs of permanent employees they may have otherwise hired.

Sapient i7

Revolent helped Salesforce platinum partner Sapient i7 to quickly grow its technical Salesforce ability following several project wins.

After taking on a major new project, Sapient i7 needed no less than 15 junior candidates with the right technical knowledge and soft skills—and they needed them within 12 weeks. Revolent was able to hire the required number of people and put them through a customized Revolent eight-week training program, resulting in them all becoming certified, customer-facing, billable junior consultants from day one.

Once Sapient i7 had selected their top 15 candidates, Revolent’s certified Salesforce tutors delivered nine weeks of intensive instruction, which included a mixture of hands-on technical learning and bespoke training that was tailored explicitly to Sapient i7’s processes, culture, and the way they work.

In line with Revolent’s commitment to continuous learning, the team is delivering ongoing training including additional certifications for the new hires while they’re on the job at Sapient i7. As well as undertaking weekly and monthly checks-ins to make sure everything is going smoothly, Revolent has placed an additional six people with Sapient i7 to fill other more senior roles on other projects, enabling them to flex their resources as and when required.

“We were extremely timebound—we knew this wasn’t resource that could be delivered through ‘traditional’ hiring routes. As a result of their work at the start of the process, Revolent knew exactly what we were looking for—we hired 90% of the candidates we interviewed. We’re thrilled with the outcome of our partnership with Revolent.”

Chief Operating Officer, Sapient i7