Partnering to build sustainable Salesforce talent pipelines

Revolent is proud to have partnered with Cognizant, the world-leading engineers of modern business, to help them build sustainable, diverse, and inclusive Salesforce talent pipelines.

“The work we’re doing with Revolent is really exciting because we’re breaking ground. We’re doing something different, we’re going out to market, we’re attracting a different set of individuals, and we’re supporting them through their career in the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Richard Jones-Penny, Salesforce Practice Lead and AVP at Cognizant

The skills and diversity gap

Cognizant help their clients modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences to stay ahead of the game in the fast-paced digital landscape. They needed a sustainable pipeline of qualified Salesforce talent to ensure that their operations are carried out effectively, and projects delivered meet the high expectations of their clients every time.

And not only that. Since diversity spells innovation, which is a crucial aspect of Cognizant’s business model, they were also looking for new and effective ways to continue diversifying their talent.

“The disequilibrium between supply and demand means that there are some real pressure points for organizations like Cognizant that are trying to hire and find individuals from diverse backgrounds who also have the technical proficiencies to add value to their customers.”

Ian Clark, Chief Commercial Officer at Revolent

Before partnering with us, Cognizant had already carried out some excellent initiatives to make their hiring processes more inclusive. These include implementing gender-neutral job descriptions and training their hiring managers to look to remove unconscious bias. However, they needed to diversify at both scale and speed, which is something that Revolent could offer.

The purpose of the Salesforce Talent Alliance is to connect partners and customers to new, certified Salesforce talent and have an emphasis on building a diverse workforce that reflects societies around the globe. Working with a global company the scale of Cognizant allows us to utilize our training centers and talent pools across the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada.

“We have a fantastic partnership with Cognizant that is growing, and I look forward to seeing everything that can be achieved together as we listen to their needs and they work with us to bring in net-new talent to the Salesforce ecosystem.” 

Nabila Salem, President of Revolent Group

The benefits of hiring a diverse workforce

If companies are serious about innovation, diversity should never be an after-thought or a ‘tick-box exercise’. It’s not an exaggeration to say that most businesses, especially in tech, are struggling to create a truly diverse and inclusive workforce. If the moral imperative doesn’t sway people, the business case holds strong. The truth is, more diverse working environments create better products, and they are more equipped to solve certain challenges we face in the modern business world. 

In 2020, McKinsey surveyed more than 1,000 large companies across 15 different countries as part of their report ‘Diversity Wins’. McKinsey found that gender-diverse boards are 25% more likely to be more profitable than their less diverse peers, and companies in the top quartile for ethnic and cultural diversity at the board level outperform those in the lowest quartile by a staggering 36%. That’s a huge loss of profit for companies that are struggling to attract a diverse workforce.

“The partnership between Cognizant and Revolent is incredibly exciting. Revolent is providing that all-important training, getting them the right skills. And Cognizant is playing a really important role in providing them that work experience; allowing them to get hands-on with the technology. This is something that’s usually very difficult for somebody to achieve on their own. That’s why partnerships like this are hugely exciting.”

Hollie Suffield, Senior Manager at Salesforce Partner Talent Programs

A new approach to solving the skills and diversity gap

Our purpose at Revolent is to cross-train brilliant professionals from diverse backgrounds to become qualified Salesforce specialists. This way, we are tackling the two biggest challenges facing the cloud industry today — the skills gap and a lack of diversity.

The training that we provide is not ‘off-the-shelf’ — it’s customized to meet the needs of our clients and Revols. So, we deliver exactly what our clients need when they need it, with diversity and inclusion as the driving force behind what we do and who we are.

We believe that great minds think differently, and it is indeed our differences that make us stronger as a team, not our similarities. We do not look for a cultural fit when we are hiring Revols to join us. As a result, 68% of our Revols identify as Arab, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Mixed Race, or North African and almost 30% are female. We lead by example — our own team is made up of people from 20 different nationalities with 50% women in our management team.

We want people to bring innovation, creativity, and diversity of thought to the table — and that’s exactly why global, world-leading businesses like Cognizant partner with us.

“When I knew I was going to join Cognizant I was really excited because this is a huge company and you have the opportunity to learn a lot from different projects and work in various roles. I have learned so many things in this short time, and I cannot wait to see what’s coming up next.”

Carolina Badia, Salesforce Developer and Revol