Copado Talent Alliance

Making Salesforce better through DevOps

At Revolent, our mission is to fix the skills gap that exists in some of the world’s leading cloud ecosystems. As more and more Salesforce users are looking to harness the power that a DevOps approach can bring, the skillset has never been more in demand.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Copado, a leading native DevOps platform, to help connect businesses with newly created cloud professionals. Experienced tech professionals join Revolent and undergo an intensive 10 week Salesforce certified training program, which now includes the Copado certification, transforming them into qualified specialists available to hire on cost effective, zero risk terms to you.

If you have IT experience and are looking to specialize in one of the most in-demand tech platforms, why not launch your Salesforce career with us? Our training program is fully-funded, equipping you with the skills, experience and certifications you need to be a valuable commodity on the job market.

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