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We cross-train experienced tech professionals into delivery-ready cloud technologists, to help you build a sustainable cloud talent pipeline

Experienced, delivery-ready talent
We only cross-train experienced tech professionals and provide them with technical skills and consulting experience
Accredited careers programs
Created in collaboration with AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce and delivered by certified instructors
Customizable programs
Our programs can be tailored to meet your specific business needs
A cost-effective solution
Find the delivery-ready talent you need, at a fraction of the cost

Don't ask us, ask them.

Don't ask us, ask them:

A comprehensive workforce planning solution

We specialize in helping organizations close their skills gap by cross-training experienced tech professionals into in-demand technologies, like AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce, and deploying them on our customers’ teams.

Our professionals (or ‘Revols’) come from a diverse range of backgrounds and will arrive at your organization, delivery-ready, with the development experience and consulting skills they need to start making a difference in your business from day one.

How we work with you



We hire experienced IT talent from diverse backgrounds



We cross-train them to become delivery-ready cloud professionals


We place them at your organization for up to 2 years


We continue to invest in their development throughout the deployment


The Revols can transfer to your team permanently at the end of their contract with us

Our talent programs


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Helping build and scale your cloud talent pipelines

Cost-effective and highly efficient

We offer extremely competitive rates for our cloud talent, while also lowering the cost of ownership of your entire Talent Acquisition and Training Program — so you can save money across the board. 


A scalable solution

Our offering can be scaled up or down depending on your needs. We can work with you to train and place virtually, or in person, in one or many of our locations around the world.

Tailored training, support and development

Our training can be customized for your organization to provide delivery-ready resources from day one. We also continue to provide training and development to the Revols during deployment, saving you time and money.

Customizable and flexible model

Our flexible model is capable of easily supporting multiple hiring needs across a variety of cloud platforms, and across different talent levels.

A diverse offering

We’re diversity specialists, and our Revols come from all walks of life. We can provide tech specialists with the skills and knowledge you need, while offering the fresh perspectives that come from a more diverse talent pool.

Great retention and continuity of service

Our Revols are in a contract with us for a minimum of two years, which allows us to offer a guaranteed continuity of service to our clients. Once their contract ends with us, you can add your Revol(s) to your permanent internal team, at no extra cost.

Our Revols

Our Revols are highly trained professionals representing a broad mix of cultures, nationalities and more. What unites them is their commitment to quality, and passion for developing their careers across AWS, Microsoft and Salesforce.

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Case studies

Our diversity pledge

0 %
of our Revols are from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background
~ 0 %
of our Revols are female
0 %
of our Revols were the first in their family to go to university or college

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