Salesforce Industries Talent

Finding Salesforce Industries talent through traditional hiring methods is tough! We have a better way.

From attraction through to training, certification and ongoing development, we partner with organizations to help them build their talent pipeline of Salesforce Industries (formerly Vlocity) talent.

Our Salesforce Industries (formerly Vlocity)-certified Consultants can assist with the implementation, integration and upkeep of your industry-specific cloud. Using their comprehensive knowledge of Salesforce, coupled with a deep understanding of your business goals, they’ll work closely with you to optimise your omni-channel solution following best practices from day one.





How it works 

Finding the right talent is tough. To make sure you’ve got people with the right aptitude and attitude you need on your team, we build customised talent attraction strategies and L&D programs for you. Revolent recruits and hires experienced IT professionals from a range of backgrounds and cross-trains them in Salesforce before placing them to work as part of your team. We believe in complete flexibility, so there are no minimum contract lengths when you work with us!

Ongoing professional development

Behind all of our Revols are a team of seasoned trainers and L&D experts and we continue to invest heavily in our Revols while they are onsite with you. Through the Salesforce Industries program, our Revols will have achieved the Administrator, Developer and Vlocity Essentials certifications and we support them in achieving the industry specific certifications, tailoring the training to suit your organization’s particular needs. This means your team of Revols will be the best—and most cost-effective—fit for your business.

Your diversity hiring partner

At Revolent, we’re proud to be bringing new talent into the Salesforce ecosystem, creating more opportunities for professionals from a wider range of socio-cultural backgrounds. We’re helping clients just like you build out their own pipeline of highly skilled, diverse, and driven Salesforce Industries professionals and have been awarded Diversity Employer of the Year at the Computing Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2020 for our work.