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In 2020 we saw the power of cloud computing amplified as these unprecedented times gave rise to equally unprecedented levels of innovation and increased speed and scale of digital transformation projects happening globally.

With digital transformation more crucial than ever, the Digital Revolution Awards celebrate the incredible  work being done across the cloud space, and commend the innovators out there really making a difference to the way we work, live, and build our future in cloud technology, including AWS and Salesforce. 

Digital Transformation Project of the Year 

Taking place on the 25th February 2021, the Digital Revolution Awards shine a bright light on those organizations that true champions of innovation in the cloud sphere globally.  The Digital Transformation Project of the Year award specifically celebrates excellence in digital transformation through cloud technology.

Revolent are proud sponsors of the Digital Revolution Awards. “This year has been challenging for us all, and we’ve overcome those unprecedented challenges by pivoting to find new ways of doing things, moving the entire world online virtually overnight,” said Nabila Salem, President at Revolent Group. “From video calls to food delivery apps, the cloud has played a leading role in 2020, allowing us to stay connected with loved ones, keep businesses running, and even play a vital part in tracking and combating COVID-19. This is the time to honor the individuals and organizations driving cloud technology forward, and that’s why I’m incredibly excited about this category in particular.”   


So what are the judges looking for?

The winning organization will be one that has successfully rolled out a highly effective transformation project for a customer, including anything from system integration to updating legacy systems, cloud migration, or any other digitization efforts that involve extensive use of cloud products and services.

The panel will also be keeping an eye out for clear evidence of how nominees have delivered cost benefits, refined existing processes, or created new business for their client. Find out more about how to nominate your organization over on the Digital Revolution Awards site!

Giving back

The Digital Revolution Awards aren’t just about celebrating the best of the best in cloud tech—they’re also working to help pave the way for the next generation of tech talent by raising funds to support the wonderful St Martin’s School in Kenya, a charity that is close to our hearts at Revolent.  

Located in Kibagare, one of the most neglected areas in Nairobi, the school is a community hub that gives children a safe environment to learn, play, and have regular meals in. The funds collected through the awards will go towards helping St Martin’s build a new training and support center for both students and parents alike. This facility will provide pupils and parents with a space to get the kind of training and support that opens the door to opportunities, and empowers local families to become more self-sufficient.  

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