How to become a Salesforce Developer in 10 weeks or less

Salesforce offers cloud professionals an incredible career opportunity due to its seemingly exponential growth. With IDC estimating that the software giant will create 4.2 million jobs by 2024 to sustain its ecosystem, it’s creating a huge range of roles that desperately need to be filled across  the world.

From Developers to Administrators, there’s a number of different career paths available to ambitious tech workers who want to be in demand and, more importantly, are looking to be remunerated for those hard-to-find skills that they possess. But, say you want to become a Developer, how do you go about picking up that expertise from a limited starting point?

For starters, you’ll need to make sure you’re familiar with the programming languages that Salesforce uses – Apex and JavaForce – before moving onto UI scripting languages VisualForce and CSS. After that, experience on the platform is always desirable to employers looking for someone to fill a desk without having to worry about a settling in period. So where do you begin if you don’t have any of that?

You could go it alone, using Salesforce’s brilliant training platform, Trailhead, to do this, making your own way through badges and investing in the industry-recognized certifications that are becoming a pre-requisite for anyone working on the stack. Or, you could be using any number of alternative online resources to self-learn, and looking for an opportunity from an employer who will overlook your lack of qualifications as well as experience.

One solution is to join Revolent’s cross-training program, which solves all of the above issues by providing you with an intensive learning path that will take you from Salesforce newbie to fully-qualified with all the certifications, skills and real-world Salesforce experience you need to become a truly desirable candidate.

“I knew I wanted to be a Salesforce Developer, but wasn’t sure where to start. I didn’t know if I could get through the certification just by following Trailhead. Even if I could pass, I had no idea how to get a job with no experience on the platform. This all changed when I discovered Revolent and the training and placements that they offered. With dedicated training, resources and a mentor, I was easily able to pass my Admin exam and I’m now working towards my Platform Developer I certification. That combination of professional development and a placement has helped me to get the experience I needed to excel in my career.” Matt Wall, Revolent Salesforce Developer

We take professionals with a background in IT and put them through a fully-funded 8-10 week class-based environment (done virtually at the moment), which is led by Salesforce Certified Trainers. They’ll familiarise you with the platform, giving you sandbox environments where you can explore the platform further, providing you with a tailored learning path that will guide you through the exact skills you need to know.

While the learning materials are already available online, having direct access to certified trainers is invaluable. They can guide you one-on-one, and ensure you’re properly prepared for your certification exams. And where the Revolent program really comes into its own is that once you leave the classroom, we’ll place you with a client so that you can begin earning, as well as gaining further experience in the real world.

No matter how many exercises you complete, nothing prepares you for a live environment. So within 10 weeks we will transform you from a novice to someone confident enough to sit with our clients while earning a salary paid to you by Revolent.

Those placements will last up to two years, at which point you’ll have the experience you need to truly exploit your earning potential as a Salesforce Developer. At that point, the choice is completely yours – remain with Revolent and progress to a more senior role, stay with your existing client or move to the ever-increasing Salesforce job market and perhaps lucrative options as a contractor.

If you want to join the Salesforce community as quickly as possible, there really isn’t another way that allows you to earn and learn at the same time.

Take the first step in your Salesforce career today.

Apply to join Revolent and gain the skills you need.

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