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LaunchPad Week: Solving Salesforce challenges for our charity partners

Find out how our Revols for Good program is helping charities and non-profits solve their Salesforce challenges solved for free—and how to get involved.

LaunchPad Week is part of our Revols for Good CSR program, and offers charities and non-profits the chance to have some of their most pressing Salesforce challenges solved at no cost.

After 10 weeks of intensive Salesforce training, our Revols put everything they’ve learnt into practice by providing bespoke solutions for the Salesforce challenges our charity partners are facing. 

“Revolent provides high calibre talent to our Australian Salesforce Consulting Partners. Its training promotes technical competence, hands on experience and the value of giving back. As part of their training, students provide not-for-profit organisations with free consultancy and business transformation ideas that can be readily implemented.”  Julian Gittins, Regional Vice President, Partner Enablement APAC at Salesforce

Working with mentors from Salesforce, our Revols have already made a big difference to our charity partners, and the causes they support. We caught up with a few of these non-profits to find out more about the impact our Revols have made. 

Continence Foundation of Australia

What solution did the LaunchPad Revols provide?

Our organisation operates a call centre and we needed to put in place a process for the team lead to review calls for quality assurance (case auditing). The Revols built us a custom object related to our cases, which contains all the data fields our team lead needs to capture the details of the assessment. Behind the fields, the Revols also built a lot of validation and automations, to make the call auditing process as smooth and intelligent as possible.

What impact has this solution had for the charity?

It’s fantastic to be able to capture case audit assessments directly against cases in Salesforce. Our leadership team can now easily identify where further training may be required.

How did you find the Revols level of expertise?

Excellent. They each brought a lot of knowledge to the project.

Cure Cancer

What were the main challenges you were facing?

There were three main challenges that we were facing as an organisation with Salesforce, that we did not have the technical expertise to confidently handle ourselves.


The first challenge was caused by legacy APEX codes which were restricting our ability to create new donation records. It was occurring due to insufficient filtering criteria in our APEX code as our database got bigger, with donation records hitting a threshold limit (200,000).


The second was an occasional error during update or import. The error was usually caused by “Error Occurred During Flow”, “Apex CPU time limit exceeded” and “System.LimitException: npsp:Too many SOQL queries”.


The final challenge was that we had a very low APEX code coverage on production with 18% coverage. We were therefore unable to deploy any amended APEX codes.

What solutions did the Revols provide:

The Revols that worked with Cure Cancer fulfilled Salesforce Developer roles and were split based on the three main challenges we face as an organisation.


Identify legacy APEX code issues

Members: Lily Doon and Harry Wang

Solution: Troubleshoot, identify the cause, and proposed the solution to the APEX code which prevented donation from creating.



Members: Yarlini Aravindan

Solution: Troubleshoot and identify the cause for “Too many SOQL queries”


Apex Code Coverage

Members: Rami Al-zuhairi

Solution: Work to increase the Apex code coverage on our sandbox and production.

What impact did the Revols have on the project or team?

The Revols had a great impact on the challenges that Cure Cancer was facing. They were able to work within the time limits provided and delivered a well-presented solution that solved our problems. They understood our challenges and business requirements very quickly, and provided their solutions within the eight days afforded by the LaunchPad program.

As a result of their work, the cost of maintaining our Salesforce instance has been reduced and our account has been brought back in line with Salesforce best practices.

“Thank you for giving us this opportunity to work with your excellent team from Revolent. They have shown great ability in listening and understanding our challenges with Salesforce. They are able to identify the causes and have provided us with practical solutions. We’re very impressed” 

Jolene Tan, Lead Salesforce Administrator, Cure Cancer

Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury

What projects did the Revols team work with you on?

The Revol team delivered three projects for us, namely:

The development of an Asset Register. 

This aim of this project was to move the management of IT assets—computers, servers, network devices—from an excel spreadsheet to Salesforce. This enables the business to actively manage its computer fleet. The ability to specify retirement dates for individual assets means that cash flow and budget planning is much more accurate and efficient.  Having information about individual devices in a central location also assists IT support staff in end user support and troubleshooting.

Creating a Suppliers Register.

The aim of this project was to allow information about individuals and organisations who provide services to Lifeline H2H to be stored in a central location, allowing service providers to be located quickly and accurately. This allows individual business managers to accurately locate service providers without having to rely on the operations team to provide details. A key function of the application is that it allows ‘preferred suppliers’ to be identified, ensuring that people engage service providers of known quality and price.

Contact Record Rationalisation.

The Contact object had been over-customised and contained over 350 fields. The aim of this project was to provide tools which would assist the analysis of the record in order to develop modular access methods to ensure that access to sensitive information could be controlled. The tools provided allowed system administrators to map information usage by the business and develop access method to protect sensitive data.

The Revolent consultants had the analytical, technical and communication skills needed to develop a solution design. A key element of their approach was the willingness to change their approach based on late-breaking requirements. We were really impressed with their courage to question and challenge project requirements in order to come up with the right solutions for our organisation” 

Hugh Jones Salesforce Manager, Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury

Find out more about LaunchPad week and how you can get involved.

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