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Life at Revolent… Reed Badman

To give you an insight into life here at Revolent, each month we’ll turn the spotlight on one of our Revols. They’ll tell you what it’s like working with the world’s leading cloud talent creator, and reveal some of the skills they’ve learned. First up is Salesforce Developer Reed Badman, who is also Revolent’s LGBT+ Ambassador.

Revolent's Reed Badman

Tell us about yourself 
I was born in Birmingham but grew up in Bristol. Interestingly, I also lived in Spain for three years and attended a Spanish school. I wish I’d kept up speaking Spanish! I currently hold the Admin and Platform Dev 1 cert for Salesforce, as well as the Copado Admin cert. In my role as a Developer I am responsible for elevating clients’ Salesforce orgs by configuring security and user settings, implementing automation for business tasks, and much more. Prior to joining Revolent my background was in front end development using HTML, CSS and some JavaScript, as well as some API integration work with Mulesoft (also owned by Salesforce).

What’s been the highlight of your time working at Revolent so far? 
I firstly want to say that the people I work with, such as Kev Cadger, Gustavo Marques, Ryan Wells and many others in my group, have been such a highlight for me thanks to their support. They have allowed me to push myself and constantly excel in my role. Passing my certifications is something I am really proud of, and it’s thanks to Revolent’s investment and training that I’ve been able to do that.

What IT experience did you have prior to joining our program? 
I’ve always lived in an IT-filled world, and I built my first PC when I was eight years old! I always excelled in computing at school, and even went onto do a Computer Science-related degree. I’ve used my skills in IT support desking, creating websites for clients using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I’ve also been involved in using front-facing drag and drop technology to create a mobile app, and used APIs in integration.

What drew you to Salesforce? 
I was drawn to Salesforce because of how robust and easy it is to use. I like how quickly I’ve been able to pick it up and how there are so many uses for the product. The learning process for Salesforce is so important and having such an extensive amount of resources available has played a big part in getting me where I need to be.

Talk us through your certifications.  
So firstly, I hold the Admin certification. I got this in March 2020, one day before lockdown, in Stratford, London. I was really proud of achieving a pass mark of over 70% for this, as I had worked so hard on it. Equally, my Platform Developer 1 certification was a little trickier to study for, but I excelled thanks to the amount of effort I had put in. Holding these certifications has allowed me to believe in my ability more as a Developer and will help me excel further in my career.

What advice would you give to people getting Salesforce-certified right now?  
I’d recommend you study as much as you can and, above all, relax. Exams are always stressful but if you take your time and put the effort in, then you will get results. Seek help wherever possible , reach out to L&D, to your mentors on the Revol Friends program and even your peers if you get stuck.

Certifications aside, how are you continuing to develop yourself professionally? 
I am looking at other areas that I can improve in to really stand out to prospective contracts or clients. I’m getting involved in the companies’ other areas and working my way through Trailhead to eventually gain other Salesforce certifications. I’m even considering my own independent Salesforce project to really consolidate everything I am learning.

Any Salesforce tips/tricks you’d like to share 
The biggest thing I would suggest is make sure you look through the Trailhead superbadges; they really are real world scenarios and, in terms of passing exams, are a big help. Have patience in yourself when learning Salesforce. We all learn at different paces and ultimately we’re all working towards the same goal. How long it takes to get there is up to you.

What’s your ultimate career goal? And what’s your ultimate personal goal?  
My career goal is to learn more and more, work my way up through development and continue to always feel a sense of achievement in my career. I would also one day love to be involved in teaching or training. This could be internally in a company, or perhaps in a College or University.

What advice would you give to anyone considering a career in Salesforce?  
Do it! With the right amount of support and time it’s totally achievable. It’s only going to continue to grow, so why not be involved?

What’s the number one thing you’ve learned from Revolent so far? 
They’re a really inclusive company that’s ever growing. There are just so many opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally. We are encouraged to be ourselves here, and it’s a safe space to work.

In 15 words or less, why should other people like you join our program? 
Because you will always be rewarded for your effort – what more could you want, right?

What do you do in your spare time? Any interesting hobbies?  
I am really  into reading currently, and I enjoy exercising and cycling. I cannot express enough how important exercising is after a long day.

If you could have one superpower what would it be? 
Apart from making people join the Revolent program? Well, I’m all about equality so I would have some cool superpower where everyone was accepted for who they are, not by what social box society continues to put people into.

Why is it an important step for businesses to have an LGBT ambassador?
I would say it’s important because equality is important, and having someone for others to look to for help and guidance if they identify as LGBT themselves, allows employees to feel comfortable at work and drive productivity.

How can we connect with you?  
Follow me on LinkedIn here:
Or follow me on twitter here: @reedbadman
If you just want a general chit chat, email me here:

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