Revolent sign the Tech Talent Charter to improve diversity in the industry

Revolent sign the Tech Talent Charter to improve diversity in the industry

As part of our commitment to making the technology sector a better place for people to work, Revolent is proud to have become a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter.

The non-profit organization aims to encourage businesses in the UK to pledge to make a quantifiable difference to improve diversity and inclusion within their workforce. As one of the world’s leading cloud talent creators, we are delighted to add our name to this initiative.

“I’m incredibly passionate about Revolent leading the way when it comes to inclusivity within tech,” said Revolent President Nabila Salem. “Our management team is 40% female: I believe that having leaders you can identify with and aspire towards is a big part of encouraging those people joining the industry.”

In signing the TTC, we join companies across the United Kingdom, including the BBC, Deloitte, pwc and Salesforce, to ensure we’re making a positive impact on tech ecosystems. Supported by the government’s UK Digital Strategy, one of the Tech Talent Charter’s key aims is to boost the percentage of IT positions in the UK that are held by female professionals: currently, it stands at just 17%.

Tech has often lagged behind other industries in terms of better representation at all levels, something that everyone within Revolent is invested in trying to improve, especially at a time when the sector is facing a critical shortage of skills. It’s estimated that the UK alone could need up to a million more digital professionals by the end of this year.

 “Signing up to the Tech Talent Charter shows our commitment to ensuring Revolent doesn’t just create a new generation of talent,” added Nabila, “but one that makes inroads to making technology a more diverse and inclusive place for people from all backgrounds to forge an exciting and rewarding career.”

By signing the Tech Talent Charter, we hope to once again demonstrate our commitment to ensuring everyone has better representation within the industry, both now and for the benefit of future generations.

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