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Baale Mane girls home to benefit from Revolent partnership

We’re delighted to announce our most recent charity partnership with Baale Mane, who will benefit from our Revols for Good program.

Baale Mane is a non-profit shelter that empowers disadvantaged girls from rural communities surrounding the city of Bangalore, India, by providing a home, education and holistic development. To support the shelter with its operations behind the scenes, two of our existing Revols will be using their Salesforce skills to improve its internal processes.

All of the girls attend school or pre-university college, progressing to higher education or vocational training, and Baale Mane provides continued, tailored support until each of them is able to live a self-sustaining adult life. Many involved with the program have experienced trauma in early life and professional counselling is also provided where needed.

“Revolent is an incredibly diverse organization; 40% of our management team are women,” said Nabila Salem, President at Revolent Group. “Supporting people from all walks of life is key to our mission and this cause in particular is close to our heart as a company, so I am delighted to be supporting Baale Mane and look forward to seeing how the girls progress in the future.”

Revolent has volunteered to support Baale Mane with their Salesforce project, which aims to improve the processes and data within their CRM to better manage key information about the individuals connected to the project. Two of our existing Revols, Arooj Gul and Andy Payne, have volunteered to take this project on and will begin work on it immediately.

“We are thrilled to have been selected for support through the Revols for Good programme,” added Chris Harrison, Chairman of Baale Mane. “The enthusiasm of Arooj and Andy and the executive team at Revolent has been overwhelming. A successful Salesforce implementation will dramatically streamline our operations and enhance our reporting to donors and partners.”

Being able to store data adequately will empower the organization to make well-informed decisions and take action where necessary to improve the lives of these girls, as well as ensuring all donations in kind and volunteer information is recorded appropriately.

We are proud to be involved with this inspiring organization, and look forward to helping them with their contribution to the world.

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