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Expert insights for AWS, Microsoft, MuleSoft, Salesforce partners and end-users.

Packed with industry insights, data from the cloud’s biggest ecosystems, and interviews with cloud experts, our white papers offer practical and actionable solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing partners and end-users.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Thanks to its feature-rich applications spanning AI, media, VR, and analytics, AWS powers one-third of all cloud applications. It’s favored and used by giants, such as Netflix, Slack, and GE Power. AWS also has one of the largest Partner channels in the world, with over 100,000 vendors and providers from more than 150 countries. However, this also means more competition for certified AWS talent. What can Partners and end-users do to secure cost-effective AWS talent pipelines? And how can they tackle the other pressing issue in the cloud sector: a lack of diversity? Find out this and more in our white papers.

Scaling your AWS Team: 5 Challenges and Solutions for AWS Partners

How to Build a Cost-effective
AWS Team

Widening the Net: How to Source Diverse AWS Talent

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Microsoft Cloud

Having been a household name in the tech space for many decades, Microsoft is one of the main players in the cloud. With 21% of the total cloud market share,  Microsoft Azure is the second most popular cloud vendor. However, like other cloud ecosystems, Microsoft too is experiencing a skills shortage. However, there are several solutions and initiatives that can help Partners and end-users attract certified Microsoft Cloud talent while diversifying the ecosystem at the same time. Find out what these are, and how you can implement these ideas in your organization to scale at speed.

How to Build a Diverse & Inclusive Microsoft Cloud Team

How Microsoft Partners can Develop and Scale Outstanding Teams

Halve the Cost of your Microsoft Cloud Talent Pipeline

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Part of the Salesforce family since 2018, MuleSoft connects business systems like applications, data, and devices with APIs, helping businesses worldwide to accelerate their digital transformation. Having become a highly in-demand technology, skilled MuleSoft talent is hard to come by. Find out how you can secure robust and cost-effective MuleSoft talent pipelines, attract candidates from a wider range of backgrounds, and scale your MuleSoft team at speed.

Addressing 5 key challenges when Building MuleSoft Teams

How to Reduce Talent Costs while Scaling your MuleSoft Team

Building a Diverse & Inclusive MuleSoft Talent Pipeline

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As the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce will create 9.3 million jobs by 2026. As a member of the Salesforce Talent Alliance, we are working with Salesforce to fuel the ecosystem with diverse, net new talent. Our white papers offer in-depth insights into the Salesforce ecosystem for organizations looking to attract more Salesforce talent from a range of diverse backgrounds while keeping their talent costs down.

Practical Tips for Hiring a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Building a Salesforce Center of Excellence at Scale

How to cut spending on your Salesforce talent pipeline in half

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