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What we do

We help tech professionals make their dream careers in the cloud come true while helping our customers find skilled and diverse cloud talent they need to scale at speed and meet their business goals. Part of Tenth Revolution Group—and an award-winning, market-leading cloud talent creation expert in our own right—we focus on giving tech professionals the chance to upskill, cross-train, get certified, and break into the cloud. And all in record time, too! 

We work in collaboration with AWS, Microsoft, MuleSoft, and Salesforce, helping our clients find the talent they need across EMEA, the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. Working for Revolent will give you the opportunity to shape the future of these global tech vendors with the consultants we place with our market-leading clients.  

Whether you’re passionate about the cloud technologies, driven by helping candidates reach their career goals, or helping clients meet the ever-shifting demands of the cloud market, we want to hear from you!  


Why choose Revolent?

We put people first. So, when our employees talk and share, we listen and implement whatever we can, as fast as we can. 

As part of an organization that champions diversity and inclusion, as well as a great work-life balance and equal opportunities, you’ll soon feel at home, being part of the Revolent team. Here are just a few of the benefits and perks you can look forward to by joining our global team: 

Roles available

Our current vacancies span across our Talent Acquisition and Sales teams. Find out more about each department below.  

Talent Acquisition roles

Our Talent Acquisition (TA) team is made up of dedicated and determined individuals who we rely on to source quality candidates for our growing list of clients, through a variety of means. Our TA executives need to have a keen eye for spotting top talent while remaining friendly, approachable, and enthusiastic at all times because first impressions count! And, since members of the TA team will be one of the first people our future Revols meet, it’s important that our candidates feel like they’re always in safe hands.

And they are. The TA team is there to spot and encourage candidates that will succeed in cross-training and make a lasting positive impression on our clients. You’ll spend most of the day on calls— including video calls—so, if you’re personable and sociable, we’d love to hear from you!

Check out our open roles and apply today.

As a Talent Acquisition Consultant, you’ll dive straight into the deep end with our intensive training program (Inspire Pathway), which will equip you with everything you’ll need to be successful in the role. Your main responsibilities will include sourcing a range of candidates through LinkedIn, job boards, referrals, and our own internal database, as well as arranging interviews, negotiating salaries, and seeing the candidate placement process through to completion.

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • An ambitious individual with a need to succeed and an interest in technology
  • Experienced with previous face-to-face roles and comfortable meeting candidates
  • A confident communicator with great interpersonal skills
  • An IT recruiting/sourcing background (highly preferred)
  • A university degree (not essential but preferred)
  • A proven track record in recruitment (not essential but preferred)

As a Talent Acquisition Executive, you’ll be responsible for the entire end-to-end recruitment process for finding suitable candidates to follow Revolent’s various cross-training pathways. In this role, you’ll have complete autonomy over everything from sourcing and vetting candidates, to managing and supporting them throughout the interview process.

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • Experienced in a recruitment/talent acquisition role 
  • A great communicator 
  • Incredibly organized, with experience working in a fast-paced environment 
  • Commercially aware, with a positive can-do attitude
  • Professional at all times
  • Adept at using their own initiative 
  • Able to work with others across all levels of the organization 
  • Ambitious and willing to go above and beyond 

As a Talent Acquisition Team Lead, you’ll jump into our intensive Inspire Pathway training program from the get-go. This will equip you with the mentoring skills and knowledge you’ll need to be a success in the role. Your main responsibilities will be to cover networking across the IT space, source candidates, and offer them the opportunity to boost their careers. 

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • An ambitious individual with a passion for helping others 
  • Experienced in a customer-facing role 
  • Proactive, with a sense of urgency 
  • With a university degree (preferred but not essential) 

As our Talent Acquisition Manager, you’ll be responsible for overseeing, managing, and motivating the TA team to meet both short-term and long-term objectives. You’ll regularly look for opportunities to grow and strengthen the team while streamlining our processes to boost efficiency.  

You’ll play an integral part in developing a world-class Talent Acquisition team who can spot a good candidate a mile off, all while helping to take Revolent to the next level in your region.  

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • 6+ years into their career within our industry (Recruit, Train, and Deploy), Recruitment, or Technology 
  • A confident leader
  • Effective and experienced in relationship management 
  • A great communicator with exceptional customer service skills 
  • Proven to be a success in building and motivating TA teams to exceed large targets 
  • Organized, with strong presentation skills 
  • Possesses a positive and ‘can-do’ attitude 
  • Ambitious and willing to go above and beyond 
  • Experienced in working with Salesforce (preferred but not essential) 
  • Multilingual (preferred but not essential) 

Sales roles

Our Sales team is made up of the most driven and business-savvy individuals within the industry. Our Sales team is central to sharing the Revolent way of life, driving new business and maintaining it, while ensuring that we’re meeting and excelling every aspect of our client expectations along the way. To succeed in one of our Sales roles, you’ll need to have a positive, can-do attitude, while being able to communicate with confidence and collaborate effectively. And of course, to succeed in this role, you’ll need a passion for tech, cloud technology, or recruitment! 

Our Sales team is there to help introduce more companies to Revolent and explain our offering while helping more people to upskill, cross-train, and boost their careers in cloud technology.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out our open roles and apply today. 

As our Business Development Manager, you’ll play an integral part in helping us land new business. To be successful in this role, you’ll need to quickly become a pro in articulating Revolent’s offering and getting others on board with the message we stand for. You’ll need to be passionate about the cloud tech sector, and able to share this passion with potential clients who will then be managed by our Account Managers and Key Account Managers. 

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • A confident communicator  
  • Excellent at relationship building and management 
  • Confident in cross-selling and upselling Revolent’s offering 
  • Experienced in working with SaaS–either recruitment/tech sales/customer success 
  • Confident with written and verbal communication skills 

As one of our Account Managers, you’ll be responsible for handling and developing relationships with our largest accounts across the world, helping to open up new sales opportunities and driving the business forward. For this role, we’re looking for individuals with a real hunger for success!

Our Account Managers need to be ready to hit the ground running, quickly building up trust with key account stakeholders, and learning how to articulate Revolent’s proposition. They will also need to manage internal relationships efficiently to service their client base.  

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • A hands-on leader with previous experience of contributing to the development and growth of enterprise-level accounts 
  • Experienced in Account Management in the tech sector (Saas, cloud, etc) 
  • Able to provide exceptional customer service 
  • Able to work collaboratively with technology vendors including AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce 
  • Confident in preparing quarterly and yearly sales forecasts 
  • Confident in cross-selling and upselling Revolent’s product range across our client base 

Our Key Account Managers oversee the relationships we have with some of our largest accounts. They’re responsible for driving our business forward by building trust with our stakeholders. In this role, you’ll be expected to become an expert in articulating Revolent’s value proposition, while working actively to build and deliver innovative initiatives. You’ll help our clients meet their ED&I targets while collaborating with leading cloud technology vendors such as AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • Excellent at relationship management and account planning 
  • A confident communicator  
  • Able to prepare and guarantee sales forecasts  
  • Confident in cross-selling and upselling Revolent’s product range  
  • Educated to a bachelor-degree level or with equivalent experience in Business 
  • Experienced in working with SaaS (2+ years), either in recruitment, tech,  sales, or customer success 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 

As a member of our Strategic Alliances team, you’ll be responsible for driving the Revolent message across the AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce industries. 

This role has three core pillars: driving awareness of the Revolent offering; identifying and driving key partnership/program decisions; building the relationship to a true enterprise ‘sell-through’ model. 

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • An experienced Alliance, Training, or Channel Sales professional 
  • Excellent at communicating and successfully managing vendor relationships
  • Customer-centric 
  • Proven track record of meeting revenue-based targets  successfully
  • Passionate about the cloud tech industry 
  • Strong at networking, building relationships, and presenting 
  • Highly organized and proficient with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint 
  • Experienced in planning and managing a programmatic approach to demand generation through teams 
  • Have an Alliances, training, certification, or sales background (preferred but not essential)
  • Multilingual (preferred but not essential) 

Our people are our business. As a member of our team, you can expect the red carpet treatment from us. Find out more about what it's like to work at Revolent.

Our People Promise—Employees


A professional community where everyone belongs

We firmly believe that we’re not just creating a business—we’re creating a community. We are a diverse team of over 20 nationalities working together to achieve a shared vision, and that’s what motivates us to deliver our best work, every day. We’re proud to have built a supportive, inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and delivers excellent results. Most importantly, we celebrate people’s differences, not their similarities—and encourage people to be their authentic self.

Be empowered to succeed

At Revolent, we believe that your success is our success. And we know that, without the hard work and dedication of our employees, we wouldn’t be the organization we are today. That’s why we empower our staff by encouraging them to take control of their journey, and by ensuring that accomplishments are recognized, so that every single employee feels happy and valued in their role

Creating opportunities for progression

Employee progression is a top priority at Revolent, as we know that the hard work and dedication of our employees is key to scaling our business. We offer a wide range of global opportunities to accelerate our employees’ careers and their personal development. We believe that our collective vision of becoming the number one cloud talent creator in the world is something we can all benefit from.

We believe in mutual trust and flexibility

We believe in building a high-trust environment and empowering people to work flexibly. But we also know that 'one size' never fits all, which is why we’ve developed multiple initiatives to accommodate people from a variety of circumstances. We are an agile organization that offer multiple working options to accommodate eople with varying personal circumstances.

Respect and team collaboration is key

We believe that collaboration is essential for achieving fantastic results and that the individual strengths and perspectives of our highly diverse team are the secret to our success. Our company culture emphasizes the importance of collaboration, mutual respect, and supporting each other to achieve our collective goals.

Be bold, be agile, be creative

At Revolent, we encourage people to be bold, agile, and creative. We’re at the cutting-edge of a new wave of cloud adoption, and we got there by being brave, experimenting, and innovating—and we hope our employees to do the same. New ideas are always welcome at Revolent, and we encourage people to try something new, or to go beyond.

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