Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about our careers programs or Revolent in general? Check out the FAQs below or simply get in touch.

At Revolent, we’re dedicated to helping you kick-start an incredible career in the cloud. Through our two-year careers programs, we recruit, cross-train, and place skilled tech professionals in world-leading cloud technologies, such as AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

By joining us and becoming a ‘Revol’, you’ll be part of an elite network. You’ll complete an initial training course, led by our expert instructors, before earning your first industry-recognized certifications. This will be followed by a work placement on-site with one or more of our world-leading clients, over a period of two years. The placement will help you refine your skills, undertake additional cloud certifications, and gain valuable industry experience in a real business setting.

We ask you to commit to two years (working on one or more of our client sites) in order to get the full value out of Revolent’s innovative cloud cross-training model. For clients, this ensures a continuity of service with our Revols. For our Revols, it ensures they have at least two years of commercial experience to help them progress further in their career.

If you choose to leave during the two-year period, you’ll be asked to pay back the value of any training you’ve received, in order to allow Revolent to recoup some of the investment we have made thus far. Your Talent Acquisition representative will discuss the details of the repayment schedule with you. This will be outlined clearly in your employment agreement.

Your training will start with a two-week trial period, so you can become acclimatized to working in your chosen field. This will also give you time to figure out if the program feels right for you.

During this two-week period, you can choose to leave at any point, without incurring any fees. However, if you decide to leave after the two-week period, you’ll be asked to repay the value of the training you’ve received so far, as mentioned above.

You’ll be paid from the moment you start with Revolent (yes, this includes your training!) and throughout your entire journey with us, including placement with a client.

You’ll receive an hourly rate throughout your training. Once you’re placed at a client’s site, you’ll receive a salary.

All our training takes place virtually. When you join Revolent, you’ll be part of a cohort of ‘Revols’ in the same learning pathway as you, allowing you to expand your network and work collaboratively on a range of projects.

The length of our training pathways differs, depending on the curriculum and the specific cloud certifications offered. Your dedicated Talent Acquisition representative will provide you with more information about the training pathway you’ve selected during your initial phone interview, including the duration of the training.

Our Revols are the most important part of our business, which is why we invest heavily in their professional development, from day one. At the start of your training, we’ll provide you with your own  Development Coach, as well as a bespoke Professional Development Plan (PDP).

Initially, you’ll work closely with your Development Coach, creating a customized PDP together, which will be specifically designed to help you upskill and gain the certifications you’ll need.

You’ll also have access to our various support networks, including our Learning & Development (L&D) and Consultant Success teams, as well as technical trainers. To help you succeed, we’ll also connect you with our Revol Ambassadors—a network of experienced consultants, already working on the client’s site—as well as our employee networks.

Find out more about Support and Development at Revolent.

All Revols are required to complete the entire training curriculum within their pathway. This helps us to ensure that all of our Revols have the skillsets required to be successful in their on-site roles with our clients.

The criteria for each pathway will be laid out on the appropriate careers page. For Developer roles, we generally ask that all candidates have previous object-oriented programming and commercial experience, and have been through at least one software development lifecycle.

After the two-year placement period with one or more of our clients, you’ll have a number of options available to you, as you progress in your career.

This could include:

  • staying on with a Revolent as a senior consultant;
  • joining your client’s team as a full-time employee,
  • becoming a member of our internal team and helping to support Revolent as we grow the business;
  • choosing your own adventure in the cloud with the skills you’ve gained from working with us.

We work with a range of industry-leading clients across a number of sectors, and new placement opportunities are opening up all the time. Your Talent Acquisition representative will provide you with details about the role you’re applying for during your initial phone interview.  

We ask you to be geographically flexible to allow you to take full advantage of the range of client placements available and to provide our clients with the best possible service, ensuring that we have incredible talent ready to meet their needs.

However, depending on the client placements available, we may be able to make an exception, so please make sure you speak to your Talent Acquisition representative to discuss your particular circumstances.

Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor visas or work permits. If you have any questions about your particular circumstances, please speak to your dedicated Talent Acquisition representative.

Your day-to-day responsibilities will vary, depending on the particular requirements of each client. Your Talent Acquisition representative will give you more details about the specific role you’re applying for during your initial phone interview.

You can find general information about our roles on our Careers page in the meantime. 

If you need to leave Revolent because of circumstances that are outside of your control, our Consultant Success team will work with you to find a suitable solution. This may include taking leave and returning at a later date.

Since the pandemic forced many organizations worldwide to move either to partial or fully-remote working, the tech skills gap has grown considerably. There just aren’t enough people right now who can wield technologies like AWS, Microsoft Cloud, and Salesforce to meet this growing demand. But companies still need these professionals to help considerably improve their digital processes and fast-track or kick-start their digital transformation.

Consequently, the creation of trained professionals has become a top priority for the tech sector.

As a result, roles in cloud technology are some of the best-paid jobs in tech. People who work with technologies like AWS, Microsoft Cloud, or Salesforce are in a candidate-driven market. And cloud professionals with the right skills and experience can take their pick from a range of job roles with a variety of companies that offer amazing salaries. Plus, they get to work with some of the most innovative technologies in the world… So what’s not to love?

With such a high demand for certified Salesforce professionals come fantastic salaries. That’s only natural when competition for talent is so fierce. To illustrate this point, take a look at some of the core roles in Salesforce and their expected salaries*:

  • A mid-level Salesforce Developer can expect to earn between $121,800-$166,200 in the US
  • A mid-level Salesforce Consultant can expect to earn between $134,400-$154,900 in the US
  • A mid-level Salesforce Administrator can expect to earn between $107,200-$137,500 in the US

*These salaries are based on the Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide 2020-21. Please note there can be a 10-15% difference in salaries due to factors such as job location, cost of living in that area, years’ experience, skills required, and role complexity.

To learn more about Salesforce roles and salary expectations in the UK, US, and other regions, read this blog.

As with Salesforce, there’s a growing demand for certified AWS professionals. Three of the most popular roles in AWS are Cloud Applications Developer, Cloud Engineer, and DevOps Engineer.

All of these roles pay very well and, with the right training and experience, you can expect to earn somewhere between the following:

  • As an AWS Cloud Applications Developer, you can earn up to $102,500 per year in a junior role, and up to $149,900 in a senior position in the US
  • As a junior AWS DevOps Engineer, you could make up to $114,900, rising to $139,500 after four or more years of experience. In a senior role (9+ years) you can earn up to $189,800 in the US
  • AWS Cloud Engineers are some of the most sought-after cloud practitioners. They can expect to earn up to $119,000 per year in a junior role, which rises to up to $173,400 in a senior role in the US

*All salaries are based on the Jefferson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide: AWS Edition 2021-22. Please note there can be a 10-15% difference in salaries due to factors such as job location, cost of living in that area, years’ experience, skills required, and role complexity.

To learn more about AWS salary expectations, including the salaries for the UK, US, and other regions, check out the Jefferson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide

The salary expectations across the Microsoft Cloud roles can vary, depending on which technology you specialize in. In the US, for example, a Microsoft Dynamics Functional Consultant can expect to earn anywhere between $93,900 in their first few years, rising to $141,110 with 9+ years of industry experience.

You can learn more about the salary expectations for nearly all Microsoft Cloud roles in the following two guides:

Breaking into any technology industry can be difficult. Cloud vendor certifications will definitely increase your chances, but you also need to gain crucial practical experience working for a business that uses the cloud technology you’d like to work with.

We recommend that you start by upskilling online and learn as much as you can about the platform you’d like to work with. For example, if you’re interested in Salesforce, check out Trailhead. Then, look to earn some Salesforce certifications.

As well as funded cloud certifications and training, career programs like ours also include a paid work placement with one or more of the world’s leading companies and tech giants, which will certainly help you stand out in the job market.