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My career journey: from marketing degree to Salesforce Consultant

We recently talked to Revol extraordinaire Raheem Parker to catch up on his Salesforce journey so far. Raheem is currently based in the UK, and has been blazing his trail as a Salesforce Revol since July 2018. Over to you, Raheem!

I’ve had an interest in IT from a very young age. When I was growing up, I’d be the go-to person for all my family when it came to tech issues. They’d give me their laptops with errors messages and I’d look into it and find a solution. Even back then I loved problem solving.

I chose to study marketing and business at university rather than tech. They were subjects I did well in at school, and so I thought this was where my career was going. After a few years working in a commercial role, I knew it was a tech career that I was better suited for. The great thing about my role now is that it’s a bit of both; I’m working with software that I really enjoy building expertise on, but also I need to have a really strong understanding of the business that I’m working with from a marketing perspective.

What does a Salesforce Consultant do?

In my career as a Revolent Salesforce Consultant I’ve worked with two clients so far. My first placement was with a global financial tech company; initially, this was as a Junior Salesforce Admin role, and involved helping set up users, implementing two-factor authentication, and dealing with support tickets using ServiceNow. They had over 3,000 Salesforce users, so that meant a lot of problems to solve and gave me a great understanding of the wider business. I was soon asked to take on additional responsibilities and became involved with their Single Sign On project, integrating with Microsoft active directory and creating automation changes. I worked on this project right from the start, conducting and presenting my research, developing workflow, assignment and validations rules and was involved in the release and change management process.

I am currently working with a client of Revolent’s who provide software for the education sector. Here, I help the ticket management helpdesk through Jira, working across both the Sales and Service Cloud. I work with omni-channel and CPQ tools, helping to resolve any issues that arise. This client has a rating system in place so users can let you know how happy they were with the service you provided them. I’m really pleased to have built a strong rating here, and I’m keen to keep on proving myself and help them with some of the sprints they are planning.

The value of communication skills

An essential skill you need to be successful in this role is communication. I know that can sound a bit generic, but I can’t stress how important it is. For example, when you’re making a change, it doesn’t just affect the person who requested it—it could affect multiple departments and areas of the business. It’s crucial to do impact analysis  and communicate what this means for everyone. With both clients I’ve worked with so far, I’ve seen very similar pain points when it came to implementing a release change process. To do this thoroughly and ensure proper testing, it does often mean longer wait times which can be frustrating for users who are used to having things done at a faster pace, so managing stakeholders and expectations is a big part of  the role.

Being part of a diverse team

This is the part I love most about my role. You get to work with people from all over the world and it’s so interesting to learn more about different cultures and how people work. Every day is a learning day as there’s always more to discover. There are often multiple solutions to a problem you’re faced with and you need to do is find the one that best fits, considering the all the impacts this will have. I really enjoy that side of problem solving. You also get to work with people at completely opposite ends of the Salesforce experience spectrum, from architects who are great to learn from, to novices who I can help through training and advice.

Getting started with Salesforce

When I was in training at Revolent, my fellow classmates and I were really competitive about who could get the most badges on Trailhead. We were just starting out, but it’s quite addictive and a great place to start building your Salesforce knowledge. If you’re interested in a career in Salesforce then, I’d really recommend setting up a Trailhead account. There are a lot of other resources you can check out too. FocusonForce.com is a really useful website, and there are some great videos on Udemy around Salesforce certifications. This will allow you to gauge if this is the career for you.

The awesome thing about joining the Revolent Salesforce careers program is that you don’t have to have experience in Salesforce—if this is something you think you can be passionate about, then there really are no barriers.

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