White Paper: Building a Salesforce Center of Excellence at Scale

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For enterprise business, digital transformation is not a destination but a continuous journey; a constantly turning wheel that drives organizations to achieve maximum performance and efficiency by exploiting the latest disruptive business technologies.

But how do you prepare your business for the future when the world is facing a radical shortage of tech talent?

Successfully navigating the rapid rate of innovation, and making the most of the opportunity platforms like Salesforce presents, means embracing changes not only to tech, but also to talent.

Discover the pros and cons of Salesforce hiring strategies

Perm hiring

Contractors & consultancies

Graduate schemes

Talent creation programs

“As new roles emerge and skills requirements change, the size of the existing pool of skilled workers just isn’t going to be big enough to meet demand. Companies won’t simply be able to fall back on hiring new employees as they attempt to futureproof their workforce.”

Miguel Milano, President Of EMEA, APAC And LACA Sales, Salesforce

It’s estimated that 4.2M new roles will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2024. But will businesses be able to fill those roles? What happens when all these businesses are lining up to fish from the same pond; a pond that is incapable of restocking its talent at the same rate it’s being snapped up?

“The tech skills gap will become a major roadblock for economic growth if we don’t empower everyone – regardless of class, race or gender – to skill up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Sarah Franklin, EVP And G.M. Of Platform, Developers And Trailhead At Salesforce

How talent shortages impact businesses

“As organizations increasingly digitalize every facet of their operations, they are facing incredible difficulty accessing the right talent.”

Leah Johnson, Vice President, Advisory at Gartner