How to cut spending on your Salesforce talent pipeline in half

White Paper: How to cut spending on your Salesforce talent pipeline in half

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People are the engine that drives innovative technology. 

Maximizing your investment in cloud platforms means building a team with the skills to make the most of it.

But hiring the best tech talent isn’t easy, especially in a candidate-scarce market like Salesforce.

With a growing number of Salesforce customers and partners competing to land skilled Salesforce professionals, attracting, training, and retaining these candidates can also be incredibly expensive.

Discover the hidden costs of building a Salesforce talent pipeline

Candidate attraction

Training and development


Lost knowledge

In its Talent Priorities for the Digital Enterprise report, Gartner stated that “leading IT executives will focus on growing the share of IT employees who have non-traditional backgrounds”; those that add to IT’s blend of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

It’s estimated that 4.2M new roles will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2024. But will businesses be able to fill those roles? What happens when all these businesses are lining up to fish from the same pond; a pond that is incapable of restocking its talent at the same rate it’s being snapped up?

“Traditional approaches to recruiting are expensive and ineffective at attracting critical IT talent to support digital transformation. New approaches are necessary to offset current talent shortages, and to ultimately accelerate execution on digital business transformation objectives.”

Gartner — Competing for Digital Talent: Tactics for Uncovering Non-Obvious Talent

How talent shortages impact businesses

Almost half of Salesforce end-user businesses (43%) faced challenges with their implementation because they lacked the appropriate skills internally.

Mason Frank Salary Survey 2020/2021