Hiring a Diverse Workforce

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Hiring a Diverse Workforce

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Diversity and inclusion should never be viewed as tick-box exerciseshow representation is fairly balanced across the globe’s major tech firms is rightly commanding a huge amount of company time and attention right now.  

The message is simple: Diverse and inclusive workplaces offer a wealth of positives, including significantly better recruitment and retention ratesand an ever-widening talent pool from which to hire as the tech industry continues to grapple with the skills gap crisis.  

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For me, achieving diversity and inclusivity within a business should come from the top, and that’s why I place great importance on having diverse management and leaders within an organization.

Tiffany Spencer, Salesforce MVP and seven-time certified Salesforce professional, founder of HBCUforce, and COO of Esor Consulting Group

It’s estimated that 4.2M new roles will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2024. But can businesses fill those roles? Diversifying your talent acquisition strategy increases your talent pool options and opens up the opportunity to get fresh ideas and greater innovation into your business—all while increasing your bottom line!

When I look at how my firm brings staff up-to-speed on the seriousness of the subjects, I’m pleased to say diversity and inclusion are at the core of everything we do. It’s baked into the mission of the company.

Eric Dreshfield, Salesforce ecosystem veteran, ITequality Executive Advisor, Dreamforce regular and Salesforce MVP Hall of Famer

How diversity and inclusion can benefit businesses

Organisations that are actively seeking to redress their gender pay gap with concrete action plans are quick to ensure that increased access to flexible working, at all levels of the organisation, is a key component.

Nikki Slowey, Co-Founder and Director of Flexibility Works - a social business backed and funded by the Scottish Government