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How Microsoft Partners
can Develop and Scale Outstanding Teams

Microsoft has the largest partner channel in the tech industry, with an estimated 400,000+ ISVs, VARs, SIs, MSPs, and support providers around the world. However, with the cloud market already stretched thin, and Microsoft Partners across the globe working to up their capacity to deliver Microsoft’s cloud offerings, developing and scaling great teams won’t be easy.

Too much rests on the success of digital transformation to let hiring challenges become a roadblock. That’s why we’ve put together some solutions to make sure Microsoft Partners can thrive, grow, and meet the demand that’s ahead of them.

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6 key challenges Microsoft Partners face when developing and scaling outstanding teams

  1. Finding delivery-ready talent

2. Bolstering diversity and inclusion in the Microsoft ecosystem

3. Optimizing resource utilization

4. Reducing hiring costs

5. Keeping up with technical developments

6. Reliance on offshore outsourcing centers