Our initiatives

Our initiatives

We are proud to support a number of initiatives as we strive to make a positive impact around the world.

At Revolent, we believe that great minds think differently, and that opening doors to make careers in technology more accessible to everyone fuels innovation.

That’s why we’re honored to be part of the Salesforce Talent Alliance.

As part of this vital partnership, Revolent pledge to champion the next generation of Trailblazer talent by providing accessible training, outstanding career opportunities, and ongoing support to anyone who has a passion for Salesforce.

Our ‘Revols for Good’ initiative encourages Revolent employees to use their skills to help those that are less fortunate than ourselves.
Baale Mane is an inspiring non-profit girls’ home that works to empower disadvantaged young people by providing a home, education and holistic development to those from rural communities surrounding the city of Bangalore, India. Our Revolent volunteers support Baale Mane with their Salesforce projects, aiming to improve the process and data collected within their CRM, as a way to store key information about the individuals connected to Baale Mane.
A huge part of our mission at Revolent is to give back to the world and help make a difference.
We’re proud to be supporting the Back To Work Rhode Island (RI) initiative, providing training opportunities and career support to Rhode Island citizens whose jobs have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Giving back has always been – and remains – incredibly important to us as a business. Find out more about the charities and non-profit organizations we support as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.