Partnerships that matter

Partnerships that matter

We work with the best to deliver the cloud talent of tomorrow.

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Revolent is a Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Provider, hand-selected and certified to deliver high-quality Salesforce training.

With Salesforce skills in high-demand, Trailhead Academy and its network of accredited training providers are leading the way and developing new talent through in-person and virtual learning experiences.

This means professionals can access the expertise and world-class training they need to kick-start their cloud career, wherever they are across the globe.


Revolent has partnered with Copado, the leading native DevOps platform for Salesforce, to integrate DevOps training into its existing program.

For enterprises wanting to accelerate their Salesforce deployments, Copado simplifies the release process, increases developer productivity and maximizes return on investment. The platform comprises Agile Planning, Release Management, and Compliance and Testing.

With more than 7,500 installations, Copado has received the top rating of 100 percent positive feedback on Salesforce AppExchange.

“To address this looming skills gap, we are partnering with Revolent to empower more people to skill up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Armed with this high-value expertise, they will be able to expand their professional opportunities, and businesses can maximize their Salesforce investment with faster velocity, higher quality, and improved trust.”

Sanjay Gidwani, Senior Vice President of Growth for Copado