What is a Salesforce Administrator (and what do they do?)

A core role in cloud technology, find out what is a Salesforce Administrator and how you could become one, even if you’re new to Salesforce.

In the last few years, Salesforce has risen to the top ranks of the customer relationship management (CRM) technology. Now the world’s most popular and best CRM software, Salesforce provides over 150,00 businesses and institutions with a united front for their marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT operations, through Customer 360.

Specifically, the platform gives companies a 360 degree view of their entire customer journey, from marketing all the way through to sales, and beyond. Through its suite of interconnected apps, Salesforce allows organizations to personalize their marketing, get to know their customers better, automate time consuming tasks, and so much more.

There are three core roles in Salesforce; Administrators, Developers, and Consultants. Today, we’re going to break down the first (and most popular) of these roles, Salesforce Administrator. We’ll look at what Salesforce admin jobs entail, the type of skillset these roles typically require, and how to become a Salesforce Certified Administrator.

What does a Salesforce Administrator do?

Salesforce Admins are the first port of call when an organization wants to improve its use of Salesforce. However, the specifics of this can vary depending on which part of the business needs support.

For example, a sales team may use Salesforce to keep tabs on opportunities, keep records of prospects, or close deals. For this team, a Salesforce CRM Administrator may be asked to create personalized dashboards that give that team a better oversight over the people they’re selling to. Or they may be asked to implement an alerts system to remind the team when they need to speak to a prospect, or to notify them when someone makes a sales inquiry.

The best Salesforce Admins understand the needs of their business in exceptional detail and are able to suggest multiple solutions to a problem via the tools that Salesforce offers. And Salesforce administrator careers are incredibly lucrative, with a US starting salary of $87,500 per year in a junior role and going up to $137,500 in a senior role.

By and large, the daily workload of Salesforce Administrator jobs includes:

As Salesforce themselves put it, “Think of Salesforce Administrators as your trusted advisors on all things Salesforce. They are a vital bridge between business and technology.”

How to get started on this career path

Salesforce Admins don’t need a ton of technical knowledge or even a background in the CRM. In the words of Salesforce, “Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can train to be a Salesforce Admin.” If you’re dedicated and willing to learn, there’s nothing stopping you!

To become an Admin, you’ll first need to study the field, and then take any one of five Salesforce certification exams for this role. While you don’t need to pass a certification exam to work as a Salesforce Administrator, it will definitely make finding paid work easier.

So first things first, it’s time to study to become a Salesforce Admin. To start with, you’ll want to study the basics and get a solid understanding of what the Salesforce platform is, and what it can do for businesses.

A great place to startnot only for Salesforce entry-level jobsbut for any role within Salesforce is Trailhead, the free online learning platform created to help people learn new Salesforce skills. On average, Salesforce themselves estimate that it takes around 115-125 hours of study on Trailhead to become a Salesforce Certified Admin.

No matter what Salesforce jobs you want to specialize in, be it in a consultancy or a more technical route, the best Salesforce professionals are, first and foremost, brilliant Admins. Which is why this is a great place to start for anyone looking to build their career in Salesforce. 

Whether you’re a Salesforce admin beginner or wish to develop your existing knowledge to become a Salesforce advanced administrator, there’s enough room for everyone in the ever-expanding Salesforce ecosystem. To find out more about Trailhead Salesforce Admin training and how Revolent can help you earn while you learn, head over to our careers page.

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