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Welcome to Revolent

At Revolent, we help people start amazing new careers.  

Over two years, our cross-training career program will equip you the skills, certifications, and paid work experience you’ll need to launch an incredible new career in the MuleSoft ecosystem. Best of all, you get paid through it all!

Train with us and become a MuleSoft certified Developer

As cloud technologies have begun to dominate the market, the demand for MuleSoft Developers has grown hugely. Trained Developers can choose from a range of great clients, salaries, and progression opportunities.  

If you’re someone who wants to help design and connect APIs, improve connectivity between applications, or support organizations with digital transformation, the Revolent MuleSoft Developer program is for you. 

What happens during the training?

You don’t need any prior experience with MuleSoft or Salesforce to cross-train with us. Our two-year career program will equip you with the technical skills and consulting know-how you’ll need to start a fantastic new career as an MuleSoft Developer. It includes:

The MuleSoft Developer pathway

During your initial weeks with us, we’ll help you get to grips with the core features and capabilities of the MuleSoft platform. You’ll learn how to design and consume APIs, modify Mule events, use connectors, and troubleshoot a wide range of Mule applications. As you progress, you’ll begin to master core features of MuleSoft development, including; Flow Design, API design, and using DataWeave to build complex transformations, testable functions, and much more!  

Finally, you’ll undergo extensive consultancy skills training to develop essential skills, so you’re ready to start working with our clients. 

Roles and responsibilities

MuleSoft Developers are master builders, with the ability to create cost-effective, elegant solutions through MuleSoft’s core range products. As a MuleSoft Developer, you’ll create structured Mule applications, build API implementation features, conduct automated testing, and much more.  

Your day-to-day responsibilities could include any of the below: 

Certifications available through this pathway

Over two years, we’ll fund and support you to earn the following certifications: 

Support and development at Revolent

We’ll support you throughout your time with us, and beyond. You’ll have an assigned Development Coach who will guide you as you navigate your new career in the cloud. Whilst you’re working on a client site, we’ll conduct regular check-in sessions to make sure you’re fully supported. We’ll also help you gain extra certifications, as and when needed. 

Learn more about Support and Development at Revolent. 

What happens after the training?

Once you’ve completed the two-year training program with us, you’ll be an experienced and sought-after MuleSoft Developer. From here, the sky’s the limit.

You can:

Join the client

and take your place as a permanent employee

Stay with Revolent

and progress into a more senior role

Begin your own cloud journey

and choose your own next adventure

Salary expectations for MuleSoft Developers after training with Revolent

MuleSoft Developers are in incredibly high demand, with great salaries on offer for trained and certified individuals with some work experience behind them. In the US, MuleSoft Developers can expect to earn $113,500 – $140,500 for a junior role, which rises to $140,500 – $152,250 for more senior positions. Freelancers and contractors can expect to earn at least $73 per hour as a MuleSoft Developer.

Career progression opportunities for MuleSoft Developers

There are great career progression opportunities for certified and experienced MuleSoft Developers. You could look to progress as a Senior Salesforce Developer, Senior MuleSoft Developer, Technical Lead, or even Technical Architect. 

Application criteria for this program

We’re looking for experienced and highly motivated tech professionals with: 

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