Cost-effective and sustainable
Salesforce talent creation

McCarthy Stone was looking to find a reliable talent pool of Salesforce professionals in the candidate-scarce location of Bournemouth, UK. As an organization that places a high value on diversity and inclusion, McCarthy Stone was also keen to bring people into their company who reflected a balanced representation of today’s society—ensuring that their hiring practices matched this.

However, after over a year of battling the combined challenges of the Salesforce talent shortage, the fierce open market competition, and a lack of interest from candidates in relocating to work at their HQ, McCarthy Stone realized that its hiring drive was taking far too long and costing far too much. Since Salesforce is a pivotal part of their infrastructure—being used across their Sales and Marketing processes—finding the right Salesforce talent was crucial.

A new way to solve the Salesforce talent gap

Revolent worked with McCarthy Stone to understand their needs and define what the ‘ideal Revol’ would look like for them. We then provided the company with a number of Revols from our talent pool that matched the spec, who were interviewed by their Salesforce team as the next step.

The very next week, the selected Revols started on-site with McCarthy Stone’s team.

From our first point of contact, all the way through to the selection process and start date, we provided the Salesforce talent that McCarthy Stone needed—all in less than one month.

“We wanted Revols that were talented, willing, and showed enthusiasm. Plus, we wanted to choose from a diverse range of candidates. The candidates that Revolent sent through ticked every box. They were humble, willing to work, and brilliant. It was really refreshing!”
Director of Technology
McCarthy Stone

Revol-utionizing their Salesforce team

Once on-site, the Revols worked largely on Sales Cloud and Pardot. They were responsible for managing their own daily activities and completing tasks efficiently. They helped with a Salesforce transformation program and were also a key part of McCarthy Stone’s integration of Pardot into Salesforce.

One of our Revols was trained to be the ‘go-to employee’ for all things NINTEX , and developed the system single-handedly.

In their first four weeks on the job, our Revols were already able to produce effective solutions, excelling the 3-6 months timeline that McCarthy Stone had expected. The work that the Revols completed within their first months was also far more in-depth and technically advanced than the client had initially envisioned. As the Director of Technology commented:

“Initially, I was skeptical that Revolent could be a more cost-effective solution, while also delivering the talent needed within the timeframe we required. As we were close to launching a service-delivery solution through Salesforce, they would have needed to hit the ground running to keep up with the workload, which seemed like a particularly big ask. They not only met those expectations—they surpassed them.”

An impact-based partnership

As a result of the work supported by our Revols, McCarthy Stone was able to deploy an entirely new business model through Salesforce. The Revols also supported the business through its sales improvement program, made Salesforce more user-friendly for the business, and continue to evolve the use of Salesforce throughout the organization.

“Revolent was key in terms of our ability to deliver our rental solution through Salesforce, quickly. Our addition of a new tenure option of Rental in addition to sales—while led by senior in-house developers—was implemented mostly by our Revols. They absolutely smashed it!”

Building out the client’s talent pipeline:
a long-term approach

The flexibility of our model allowed McCarthy Stone the option to take on Revols for single projects—or for the full duration of each Revol’s two-year contract—depending on their needs.

One of their first Revols, Phil, has now transitioned to a permanent in-house role with McCarthy Stone, building out their in-house Salesforce talent pipeline.

Moreover, as part of McCarthy Stone’s genuine commitment to our partnership, each Revol was treated exactly the same way as a standard employee would, getting involved in daily stand-ups and often sharing solutions across the whole organization. This meant that their contributions were clearly visible to the wider business.

“The cost-effectiveness of Revolent is amazing. The Revols are highly committed to achieving our goals. In our organization, you wouldn’t know the difference between a Revol and a standard employee.”

Thanks to Revolent, McCarthy Stone secured high-quality Salesforce talent that delivered value to their organization—all within four weeks of their first point of contact with us.

They have continued to use Revolent flexibly, and have been able to add resources to their bench quickly, depending on their business needs. Our Revols have worked on key projects, such as pivoting the business model, supporting the digital teams on transformation links into Salesforce, as well as legacy transferal. Our  Revols also continue to advance the use of Salesforce throughout the organization.

Long-term, McCarthy Stone will be able to build out its talent pipeline by converting the Revols from a temporary resource to permanent members of their in-house team—at no additional cost.

“Salesforce is a pivotal part of our processes. When we approached Revolent, we were in the late stages of moving our legacy processes into Salesforce, with two permanent resources dedicated to this. Now we have employees dedicated to Salesforce, as well as three Revols—meaning that Revolent is nearly 50% of our entire Salesforce team! If we need someone new, we simply come to Revolent.”
Director of Technology
McCarthy Stone

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