Build a world-class Microsoft Azure, Business Applications or Power Platform talent pipeline

Struggling to find the Microsoft talent that you need? We’re here to help.

As a Microsoft Learning Partner, our career programs are created in collaboration with Microsoft and can be customized to your business requirements. We cross-train experienced IT professionals in Microsoft Azure, Business Applications, or Microsoft 365, and place them at your organization, delivery-ready, with the development experience and consulting skills you need to get the most out of your Microsoft products. At the end of their contract with us, you can convert your Revols into permanent members of your team—at no added cost.

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Our Microsoft Revols

Our Microsoft Certified training program creates the very best, delivery-ready Microsoft talent in the ecosystem. Our tailored training program ensures Revols will be an asset to your organization from day one. Explore our Microsoft talent based on your needs:

Microsoft Azure

Our Microsoft Azure Revols have prior experience in on-premise IT infrastructure and networking and are able to utilize the full range of Microsoft Azure tools to make a difference for your bottom line. See our Azure programs:

  • Cloud Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevSecOps
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Data Engineer

Microsoft Business Applications

Our Microsoft Business Applications Revols have a wide range of systems and Industry experience. We offer a variety of certifications and learning pathways to suit your business needs. See our Business Applications programs:

  • Developer
  • Functional Consultant
  • Developer
  • Functional Consultant
  • Developer
  • Functional Consultant
  • Developer
  • Consultant

Microsoft 365

Our Microsoft 365 Revols have cloud infrastructure experience and a deep understanding of Microsoft 365 tools. See our Microsoft 365 program:

  • Engineer

How we work with you



We hire experienced IT talent from diverse backgrounds



We cross-train them to become delivery-ready Microsoft professionals



We place them at your organization for up to 2 years


We continue to invest in their development throughout the deployment


The Revols can transfer to your team permanently at the end of their contract

Hear what our clients have to say

A diversity hiring partner

At Revolent, we’re proud to be bringing new talent into the Microsoft ecosystem, creating more opportunities for professionals from a wider range of socio-cultural backgrounds. We work in partnership with Microsoft to drive diversity through programs such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft Veterans, and Microsoft Black African American Growth Initiative. 

You can learn more about Diversity and Inclusion at Revolent here.

Partners and Alliances

We partner with Microsoft partners and end-users that share our vision to increase the flow of diverse, net-new talent into the Microsoft ecosystem. And our career programs and talent partnerships are a cost-effective way to create talent pipelines of certified cloud professionals while also helping to improve diversity in the cloud.

Microsoft Learning Partner

As a Worldwide Microsoft Learning Partner, we specialize in delivering high-quality Microsoft cloud training programs and work placements to people across the globe – with the aim of building robust, diverse talent pipelines across the Microsoft ecosystem.

Women in Tech

In 2011 women accounted for just 16% of IT professionals. That number has not changed in a decade. By forging strategic partnerships to access pools of female talent, we're creating a network of future cloud leaders.

Elite Sports Transitions Program

94% of women in C-suite positions are ex-athletes (according to a report by Ernst and Young). Revolent works with Elite Sports Transitions programs to uncover exceptional talent across all sports and backgrounds cross-training them to become the cloud superstars of the future.

Interested in building a diverse talent pipeline of Microsoft professionals?